Meet Rep. Conroy

Rep. Tom Conroy, D, Wayland-Lincoln-Sudbury

Rep. Tom Conroy

Representative Tom Conroy, Democrat from Wayland, represents the communities of Framingham, Marlborough, Sudbury, and Wayland - the 13thMiddlesex District.

Representative Conroy was elected state representative for Lincoln, Sudbury, and Wayland in November 2006 and took office in January, 2007. Now in his fourth term, Rep. Conroy is honored to represent the people of Framingham, Marlborough, Sudbury and Wayland.

In the Massachusetts legislature, he has served on various committees, including the House Ways and Means Committee and as the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing.  Rep. Conroy was appointed chair of the Joint committee on Labor and Work Force Development in February of 2013.

In Rep. Conroy’s first term, he successfully crafted and added a new and innovative section to the 2008 Life Sciences Law that creates a self-funding mechanism for the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, so that more entrepreneurial biotechnology companies can grow and create new jobs. He has since served as the House appointee to the Governor’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Science (STEM) Advisory Council. He also serves as the co-chair of the Brain Injury Commission, and has served on numerous caucuses within the legislature, including the BioTech Caucus, the Library Caucus, and the MetroWest Caucus. During three difficult budget cycles, Tom advocated first and foremost for maintaining local aid, while also supporting funding for those who do not have a strong voice on Beacon Hill, including Early Intervention services for infants, METCO, Workforce Training and Development, services for the homeless and foster children, and subsidized childcare.

Rep. Conroy also helped shape two pension reform laws, one that saves cities and towns money and offers superior investment management services for municipalities, and another that eliminated pension system abuses. He has authored influential analytic reports to educate colleagues and the public on issues such as expanded gambling and post-retirement benefits for state employees, available here: Expanded Gambling Report, The Special Commission Report to Investigate and Study the Commonwealth’s Liability for Paying Retiree Health Care and Other Non-Pension Employee Benefits.

After receiving a BA in Russian and European Studies from Yale during the height of the Cold War, he started his public service in Washington by helping craft a more effective and less expensive alternative to the Reagan military budgets. He then worked for Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), and served as a foreign policy and national security assistant for Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). His passion for helping those who were not in a position to help themselves led him next to Thailand, where he managed a refugee resettlement program for Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, and Burmese fleeing persecution in their home countries. He spent time in Laos, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan before working in Cambodia during the United Nations occupation of that country in 1992. During 1993, he helped establish an in-country refugee interviewing center in Cap Haitien, Haiti for the Clinton Administration in order to stem the tide of Haitians fleeing the country in risky boats and prevent further loss of life.

Rep. Conroy also earned an MA in international economics from Johns Hopkins University, and subsequently earned an M.B.A. in finance from Boston University. He worked in the business sector in Massachusetts for the last 16 years. At Public Consulting Group, based in Boston, he helped Massachusetts’ social service agencies maximize their non-tax revenues and manage their finances with best practices. At Mercer Management Consulting he helped firms develop growth strategies and improve operations.  At Marsh, Inc. he helped companies develop risk management solutions for their ongoing strategic, financial, operational, and other challenges.

Rep. Conroy lives in Wayland with his wife, Sarah Sewall, a national security expert, and four daughters, triplets and their younger sister.

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